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#1731 1895 through Beaded Artistry

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#1731 1895 #58 58
Aberdeen Abington 1910
Accent Acclaim
Achievement Act I
Act II Adam 1917
Adams 1905 Adelphi 1920
Admiral Adonis 1910
Adonis 1933 Affection
Affection 1960 Afterglow 1956
Aighton Rose Aladdin
Alberta 1900 Alden 1931
Alexis Algonquin 1923
Ali Baba All American
Allegiance Alouette
Alouette 1978 Always
Always 1958 Amadeus
Amaryllis American Artistry
American Ballad WMRO American Colonial
American Colonial 1975 American Freedom
American Harmony American Harmony ARB
Amherst 1938 Anastasia
Andover 1917 Andover 1939
Angelo Angelo (Variation)
Angelo/Saratoga 1883 Ansonia 1922
Ansonia 1927 Antares
Anthem Anticipation
Antique Egyptian 1909 Apollo 1929
Applique Aquarius
Arbor Arbor Rose
Arcadia 1914 Ardmore
Ardsley 1921 Ardsley 1933
Ardsley/Empress 1908 Arlington 1896
Artistic Artistic 1940
Artistry Arundel 1899
Ascot Ascot 1886
Ashmore Astragal 1996
Aurora 1930 Autumn Glow
Autumn Memory Avalon 1901
Avion 1929 Aztec/Encore
Baguette Baker Street
Bali Ballad/Country Land 1953
Baltic Bamboo
Banbury Bancroft
Bancroft 1915 Bar Berry
Barbara 1931 Barbizon
Barcelona Baronet 1923
Baronet 1962 Baroque Rose 1967
Baton Rouge Beacon/Miami 1931
Beaded 1896 Beaded 1900
Beaded 1901 Beaded Artistry

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