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#1690 1980 through Cameo

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#1690 1980 #NO. 10 1917
#NO. 12 1919 #NO. 128 1880
#NO. 14 1918 #NO. 15 1919
#NO. 2 1918 #NO. 38 1880
#NO. 4 1918 #NO. 43 1882
#NO. 63 1885 #NO. 9 1891
Abbey Shell Adrienne 1919
Albany 1890 Alden
Alencon Alexandria
Alta Alvarado
Amante American Antique
American Chippendale 1905 American Tradition
Amstel Ando
Andover Angle
Annandale Antique 1880
Antique 1886 Antique Cameo
Antique Flutes 1980 Antique Mirror 1980
Antique Panel Antique Plume
Antique Shell Anvil
Anvil 1980 Aperto
Aphrodite Shell Aquilla 1880
Arcadian 1916 Arctic
Ardsley Aristocrat 1934
Arlington 1884 Ashley
Astrow Athena
Aurora Auvergne 1905
Awakening 1958 Bamboo
Baroness 1988 Baroness Gold
Baronial 1890 Bateman
Bay Shore Bay Shore Rose Gold Electroplate
Beacon Hill Beacon Hill 18/8
Bead 1917 Beaded Antique
Beaded Antique 1977 Beaded Antique Gold
Beaded Rose Beads
Bear Bedford
Bel Benjamin Franklin 1904 In Stock!
Bergen Betsy Ross
Beverly 1926 Bijou
Bistro Black Tie
Blacksmith Boca
Boca Decorata Boston Antique
Boston Chippendale Boston Chippendale 1987
Boston Chippendale Gold Boston Shell 1987
Boston Shell Gold Bostonia 1914
Boulevard Breckenridge
Brighton Byfield 1970
Byfield Alligator Byfield Black
Byfield Morocco Calais
Cambden Cambodia 1931
Cambridge 1880 Cameo

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