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147 (STERLING, HOLLOWWARE) 147 through Windsor Castle (Strl,1929,No Monograms) 1929

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147 (STERLING, HOLLOWWARE) 147 Basket-Of-Flowers-Tts (Sterling, 1940) 1940
Beauvoir (Sterling, 1967) 1967/W219 Beauvoir (Sterling, 1967, Hollowware) 6277
Charles Ii (Sterling, 1937) 1937 Classic Antique (Sterling, 1935) 1935
Colonial Fiddle (Sterling,1925) 1925 Concord (Sterling, Hollowware)
Continental W274 In Stock! Crest Of Arden-Tts (Sterling, 1954) 1954
Dublin (Sterling,Hollowware) 75 Feather Edge (Sterling, 1938, Monograms) 1938
Feather Edge (Sterling,1938,No Monograms 1938 In Stock! Georgian (Sterling, 1939) 1939
Hannah Hull (Sterling, 1927, Hollowware) 486 Hannah Hull (Sterling,1927) 1927/W214
Lamerie (Sterling, 1936, Monograms) 1936 Lamerie (Sterling, 1936, No Monograms) 1936/W230
Lamerie (Sterling, Hollowware) Lanai
Leilani (Stainless) Luzon W273
Misc Sterling Hollowware 53 Onslow (Silverplate, Hollowware)
Onslow (Sterling, 1931, Monograms) 1931 Onslow (Sterling, 1931, No Monograms) 1931/W215 In Stock!
Onslow (Sterling,1974-2003) - No Monograms Pantheon W216
Paul Lamerie (Sterling, 1937) 1937 Queen Anne (Strlng,1928) 1928
Revere (Sterling, 1930) 1930 Richelieu W275 In Stock!
Seascape W390 Tiara
Trianon W217 Triumph W272
TTS1 (STERLING) Windsor Castle (Sterling,1929,Monograms) 1929
Windsor Castle (Strl,1929,No Monograms) 1929 Windsor Castle (Strlg, 1939, Hollowware) 385

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