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Tipped 1900 through Winsome I 1959

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Tipped 1900 Today
Toddletime Together
Together 1956 Tone
Torsade Toujours
Tradition Triana
Tribeca Trillia 1993
Trinity Tripoli
True Rose Tudor
Tuxedo Tuxedo 1923
Twilight Twilight 1942
Twilight 1956 Twilight Rose
Twin Rose Twin Star
Unity Valada 1897
Valerie Valerie 1959
Valley Rose 1956 Valor
Vanesa Vanessa/Francesca 1965
Vectra Vegas
Venetia Venetian Garden 1971
Venetian Gold Venetian Scroll 1970
Vermeer Vernon 1900
Vernon/Antwerp 1900 Vernon/Ashley 1917
Via Roma Victorian Classic 1973
Vieux Paris Vignette
Viking 1931 Village
Village Common Vineyard 1906
Vinland Vintage
Viola Violet 1905
Violet 1905/1912 Virginia 1925
Virginian 1929 Virginian 1942
Vista Vista 1940
Vivant 1961 In Stock! Vivante
Voltaire Wanda/Viennese 1927
Ward Bouquet 1936 Ward Modern 1936
Warwick 1901 Waverly 1934
Webster I 1900 Webster II 1915
Wellesley 1916 Westgate
Wheat Whispering Sand
White Lily White Orchid 1953
Whittier Whittier/Waldorf 1915
Wild Rose 1904 Wildwood
Wildwood I/Always 1958 Wildwood II 1908
Will O' Wisp In Stock! Will O' Wisp 1968
William Penn 1899 Willowbrook
Wilmington Windmere
Windrift Windsong 1955
Windsor Windsor 1900
Winsome I 1959 Winsome II 1960
Winter Hill Wintersong
Winthrop Winthrop 1929
Winthrop I 1926 Woodcrest

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