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Duchess II through Fredericksburg 1968

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Duchess II Duet
Duet 1980 Duet2
Dumaurier 1965 Eastern Blossom
Easton Easton Satin
Ebbtide Eden
El Dorado Elaine 1926
Elberon 1897 Elite 1923
Elizabeth 1918 Elmore 1905
Ember Glow Emily
Enchantment Enchantment 1985
Enchantment/Bounty 1929 Enchantment/London Town 1952
Enchntment/Gentle Rose 1960 Encore
Encore 1934 Endearable 1954
Engagement 1952 English Garden
English Garden 1949 Equator
Era Erika
Erminie 1890 Erminie/Como 1910
Eros Essex 1887
Essex/Adell 1890 Essex/Ferncliff 1922
Estate Etage
Eudora 1905 Evangeline
Evening Star Evening Star 1950
Everlasting 1949 Exeter 1913
Extra Plate Three Extra Silver Coin Plate 3
Fair Oaks Fairhill
Fairoaks 1909 Falkirk
Fantasy Fantasy 1881
Fantasy 1941 Fantasy Rose
Fashionpoint Faun 1929
Fenimore Fenway
Fenway 1937 Ferncliff 1946
Fernwood Fiesta 1935
Fiesta 1942 Firebird
Firelight 1959 First Colony 1975
First Frost 1965 In Stock! First Light
First Rose/Jillian Fleur De Luce
Flight Flight 1930
Flight 1963 Flight/Reliance
Flirtation Floral 1910
Floral Bouquet Floral Glen
Floral II 1938 Floral Panel
Floral Queen 1992 Florentine 1901
Flower De Luce 1904 Flower Lane 1957 In Stock!
Flowertime 1963 Flowertime I 1914
Fluted Rose Folk Art
Forever Forever 1939
Forever Rose Fort Scott
Forte Fortune
Fortune 1939 Franklin 1901
Frederick II Fredericksburg 1968

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