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Paul Revere 1906 through Spanish Provincial 1967

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Paul Revere 1906 Paul Revere 1931 - Engraved
Pavanne Peachtree Manor 1956
Peacock Perles
Petersburg Petit Point
Petit Point 1957 Pia
Pierre Pilgrim 1909
Plymouth Shell Pomona 1887
Portraits Primavera
Princesa Princess 1892
Princess Anne Princeton
Principe 18/8 Priscilla 1897
Priscilla 1924 Protege
Provincial Queen Anne
Queen Anne 1980 Queen Elizabeth I 1970
R.S.V.P. 1965 R.S.V.P. Golden
Raleigh 1980 Rambler Rose 1937
Raquel Rattan
Rattan 1980 Reale
Reed Reed & Ribbons
Reflex Regal Pearl
Regal Pearl Gold Accent Regatta
Richmond 1901 Ritz
Rockport Roma
Romance Ron De Vu
Rondevu Rose Antique
Rose Cascade Rose Cascade Gold
Rose Gadroon Rose Solitaire 1954
Round Hill Gold Acct Route 1
Royal Hammer Royal Rose
Royal Rose-Gold Acct Royal Windsor 1935
Royalty Rue Royale
Rue Royale Gold Rustic 1895
Salem 1925 Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Gold Sateen
Satin Cane Savvy
Scroll Scroll & Bead 1940
Sculptured Rose 1961 In Stock! Seabrook
Sebring Segovia 1969
Serenity 1980 Seville 1926
Shape Shell 1889/1890
Shell I 1888 Shell II 1889
Siam Bronze Siam Honey
Sigrid Silhouette
Silver Flutes 1941 In Stock! Silver Plumes 1939
Silver Spray 1956 Simone
Sir George Smithville
Snowflake Sola
Somerset Southern Mansion 1980
Southport Southwest
Southwind 1952 Spanish Provincial 1967

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