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Leota 1912 through Morning Lace

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Leota 1912 Lexington 1914
Lexington 1934 Leyland 1910
Liberty's Light Libretto
Lido Lido 1938
Lilac Time 1957 Limelight
Linda 1949 Linden 1900
Linton/Adonis 1933 Lisbon
Lois 1905 London House
Longchamps/Chaumont 1935 Longfellow/Sovereign 1919
Lorain 1928 Lorilei
Louis XVI 1911 Louisiana
Louisville Louvre 1907
Love Story Lucia
Lucille Luminaire
Luminaire-Yellow Lynnwood/Memory 1934
Macbeth Madelon 1935
Madison Madison House
Madrid-New Madrid-Old
Maestro/St. Leger Magic Moment 1958
Majorca Malibu
Malibu 1934 Malmaison
Mansfield Mansfield 1932
Mansion Mansion Hall
Mansion House 1948 In Stock! Mansion Park
Marcella 1905 Margate 1938
Marigold 1918 Marquette
Martele Martinique 1935
Martinique 1967 Mary Stuart 1927
Matinee Maybrook
Mayflower 1891 Mayflower 1928
Maywood Meadowbrook
Meadowbrook 1936 Medality 1932
Mediterranea Mediterranea 1967
Melbourne Melbourne 1952
Melissa Melody/Sybil 1929
Melon Merced 1927
Meredith Mermaid
Michelangelo Michelangelo 1970
Midland Midnight
Midsummer Midtowne
Milady Milady 1932
Milady 1940 Milano 1891
Milo 1910 Minerva 1911
Minute Man Modern Antique
Modern Baroque 1969 Modjeska 1916
Monroe/Mohawk 1915 Montage
Montclair Montclaire
Monte Carlo Montezuma
Montina/Indio Moon Dance
Morning Blossom Morning Lace

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