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Provincetown through Serendipity

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Provincetown Puritan 1900
Puritan 1910 Puritan Engraved 1910
Queen Bertha 1910 Queen Bess I 1924
Queen Bess II 1946 Radcliffe
Radius Raleigh 1907/1914
Ramona/Lakewood 1928 Randolph 1929
Raphael Raymond 1898
Rebecca Registry
Reigning Beauty 1953 Reliance
Rembrandt Rendezvous
Rendezvs/Old South 1938 Rendition
Renoir/Pembrooke Repose
Revere 1905 Reverie 1937
Rhinebeck Rhinebeck/St Elmo 1900
Rhodes Rhodes 18/8
Ribbon Rose 1960 Ridgecrest
Ridgewood Rio
Rio 1939 Rochester
Romford Romford 1939
Rosalie 1938 Rose Duet
Rose Pastel Rose Pendant
Rose Queen Rose Shadow
Rose Song 1964 Rose Wisp
Rose/York Rose 1910 Roseanne
Rosemary 1906 Rosewood
Rousseau Roxbury 1906
Roxbury 1923 Royal Ballad
Royal Ballad 1970 Royal Crest
Royal Flute Royal Grandeur 1975
Royal Harvest Royal Lace 1973
Royal Provincial Royal Rose 1939
Royal Shell Royal York
Royal York 1937 Rubaiyat 1969
Rushmore Sabena
Salem 1915 Samantha
San Diego San Fernando
San Francisco San Miguel
Sand Dune Sandhurst
Saratoga Saratoga - Variation
Satin Aquarius (Stainless) 622 Satin Beauty 1966
Satin Style Satinique
Saumur Savannah
Savoy 1921 Scandinavia 1970
Scarab 1936 Schubert
Scotia 1915 Scroll
Sea Breeze Sea Crest
Seaflower Secret Fling
Seneca 1927 Sentimental
Sentimental 1960 In Stock! Sentimental Rose
Sentinel Serendipity

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